Disconnect Cyberbullying

At The Fan Connection, we take cyberbullying very seriously. We want all of our users to feel that TFC is a safe and welcoming place on the internet.

We as founders, team members and staff of TFC will do everything in our power to foster an environment where bullies simply do not exist in our little corner of cyberspace.

At The Fan Connection...it is our goal to "disconnect" cyberbullying.

It is our hope that our users will not bully other users, will encourage others not to do so, and will lead by example. We want everyone to understand that TFC is a bully-free zone.

To take the TFC "Disconnect Cyberbullying" Pledge, please read below, log into your dashboard, and click the box if you agree:

I understand that The Fan Connection is not a place to be bullied nor a place to bully.

I will make others feel welcome and safe at The Fan Connection. I will not stand by and watch others be bullied. I will report acts of cyberbullying to TFC staff.

I will not hurt others or allow others to feel left out. By my actions and example, I will help contribute to making TFC a place where everyone feels included.

I want TFC to be a place where we share our love of music, and I pledge for that to be something that I realize we all have in common and that brings the TFC community together...not pulls us apart.

I understand that we are all individuals with our own unique musical interests, gifts and personalities. I will respect other's interests, gifts and personalities.

I understand that I may occasionally disagree with other user's opinions on music (and other things), and I may voice that opinion. But I will always do so in a spirit of kindness and respect.

I will always understand that other people may be different from me, but it's our differences that make us unique and special. I will always respect those differences.

I respect myself, and because I do, I will not allow myself to be bullied. Also, because I respect myself, I will not lower myself to the level of becoming a bully on TFC.

I want The Fan Connection to be a place where we all "connect" in our own unique ways, and I pledge to "Disconnect Cyberbullying."

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