The TFC Team
Hometown: Franklin, Indiana
What I Do At TFC: Social Media
Favorite Genres: Pop/punk, Rock, Alternative
Fun Fact: I played soccer in Austria at age 11
What I Love About TFC: Working with people in the music scene!
Hometown: Satellite Beach, Florida
What I Do At TFC: TFC-TV Host
Favorite Genres: Alternative & Pop
Fun Fact: I have a strong love of Abraham Lincoln
What I Love About TFC: TFC-TV ;)
Hometown: Dover, New Jersey and now Palm Bay, Florida
What I Do At TFC: Administrative & Design
Favorite Genres: Rock, Pop, Alternative & Country
Fun Fact: I sang in a rock band
What I Love About TFC: Discovering new bands
Hometown: Indian Harbour Beach, Florida
What I Do At TFC: Co-Founder...I Co-Find
Favorite Genres: Pop/rock, Country, Pop/punk, actually- wow, pretty much everything. Music to me is art so it's really hard for me to choose between genres. I love anything with a great melody and lyrical content that moves me.
Fun Fact: I wash the dishes in soapy hot water completely before I put them in the dishwasher.
What I Love About TFC: Hearing feedback from artists and fans and the team we've put together, the laughs we have, the group emails, the excitement...those things can really brighten up a bad day! :-)
Hometown: Houston, Texas and now Nashville, Tennessee
What I Do At TFC: Co-Founder, Motivator and Inspirer!
Favorite Genres: Pop, rock and country mainly. I love anything that tells me a story or moves me in some way. I respect and appreciate all talent.
Fun Fact: My band ROADMARK had a Top 40 hit in Australia in 2007 with a song I also wrote.
What I Love About TFC: Honestly, watching and helping other's dreams come true...whether it be one of our artists, bands, fans or staff.
Hometown: Norwich, England
What I Do At TFC: TFC Europe
Favorite Genres: Alternative, pop, classic rock, soft rock, 1960's...especially The Beatles
Fun Fact: Even though I'm English, I am part of a Native American pow-wow drum. I'm vegan and an animal advocate.
What I Love About TFC: The ability to make the musical world a smaller place by connecting bands and fans all over the globe.