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Dave Mac

We caught up with Canada's Dave Mac, and he shared some details about his new album, including a new video shot in Jamaica.

The Fan Connection (TFC): It's great to meet you! Let's learn a little about who "Dave Mac" the musician really is. What made you want to follow your dream as a musician, and at what age did you begin playing music? 

Dave Mac: Dave Mac is the Canadian Mac Miller. What made me want to follow my dreams? I knew that music was in my just feels right to create music. I get an amazing feeling and I want to carry on my father's legacy.

TFC: There couldn't be a better re...

#MusicIndustryMonday: The Lokkz Music

Production of indie music encompasses multiple layers of talent, skill, and musical knowledge. Atlanta-based Tyler Grissom, aka "The Lokkz Music", spoke with us about his background, being born and raised in a musically iconic city, as well as about his expertise in music production. 

The Fan Connection (TFC): Thanks for taking the time out to visit with us. Tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

The Lokkz Music: My name is Tyler Grissom, I go by the name "The Lokkz Music" I am a music producer mainly focused in Hip Hop. I was born and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama but I moved near Atlanta as a teenager. I have been producing hip hop beats for 10 years. I started playing guitar 3 years before that just...

Like The Movies

Today we visit with dance/electronic duo Like The Movies. Hailing, from Orlando, the group reveals that they met when one of them was only 12-years old, and have since shared the stage with some of the top acts in indie pop.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi! Thanks for taking some time to talk with us today!

Like The Movies (LTM): Absolutely, thank you guys.

TFC: Who are the group members and what does each one of you do? 

LTM: Like the Movies consists of Chris Ganoudis (vocals, DJ) and Nick Davila (...


The Caribbean vibe comes from Canada today as we visit with Toronto-area band StereoKid. The band talks about their unique blend of genres, playing the same historic stage as The Rolling Stones and The Police, and more.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! So tell us a little about Stereokid! Who's in the band, and what are each of your parts?

StereoKid: Hey dudes! Greg here from SK! So, StereoKid is Greg Neal (vocals, rhythm guitar), Danny Dylan (bass), Kenta Aoki (lead guitar), and Roger Lambert (drums<...

#MusicIndustryMonday: Abigail McNatt

Welcome to #MusicIndustryMonday! Today we talk with Abigail McNatt, a music photographer who sat down with us recently and talked about her craft and her view of the music scene.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Abby! Thanks for taking some time to talk to us today!

Abigail McNatt: Yeah, no problem! It's my pleasure!

TFC: Let's start by getting to know a little about you. Where are you from, and what's the name of your photography business?

Abigail: I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and my photography business is self-titled, Read more...