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Pop-folk trio AlchiMy joined us from Switzerland to talk about their lyrics (in English and French!), their upcoming activity in Los Angeles and London, and the festival scene in their home country.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hello AlchiMy! We're pretty excited to get to know more about your band today. Thank you for interviewing with us.

AlchiMy: Thanks for having us on board with you! This is great!

TFC: Okay, for starters...let's tell the readers about AlchiMy. Who's who and who plays what? 

AlchiMy: 

#MusicIndustryMonday: Aesthetic Heart Promotions

We're really excited to do this #MusicIndustryMonday interview with Aesthetic Heart Promotions (AHP) today. For those who don't know, we met Cassie Werner from AHP a couple of years ago when TFC was just starting out!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Cassie! It's been awhile now! 

Aesthetic Heart: Hello everyone! I'm extremely excited to do this interview. I haven't done an interview in quite some time so, I'm excited to talk about AHP in interview form and it's perfect timing because AHP is turning 5 years old on March 30th! And I'm really happy to say I've been following TFC since the beginning and always know that TFC truly is something incredible and they truly care about music.



Jingle singer Lana Marie and songwriter/producer Anthony Casuccio form the Buffalo, NY duo A&L. The group met up with us and talked shop about jingles, Grammy's, why their new music video is a "hot mess" and more!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi! Pleased to meet you both! We appreciate you giving us some time today. 

A&L: Thank you! We are glad to be here talking with The Fan Connection.

TFC: Let's start with introductions for new potential fans who've not heard of you before. Tell us a little about both of you. 

A&L: Anthony: I am a 20-year music ve...

Sahara Breeze

U.K.-based band Sahara Breeze embarks on the recording of their first EP this year, and we met up with Conal Kelly of the group and talked about their upcoming EP, the band's influences, and winning a "Battle of the Bands" competition.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! Thanks for taking some time out with us today. Tell us about the members of Sahara Breeze and what each of you does in the band.

Conal: No problem at all! Well our members are Matt Sharlot on bass/keyboards; John Ganner on drums/percussion; Connor Begley on guitar/backing vocals, and Conal (me) on guitar/lead vocals. G...


GEPH describes their music as having influences from both jazz and metal. This interesting combination of genres interested us, and we sat down with the group and talked about the Boston music scene and the band's influences.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi GEPH! We're happy to have you here on The Fan Connection! Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us!

GEPH: Thanks very much for doing the interview with us!

TFC: Let's get all those normal details out of the way first, then we'll move on to the fun stuff! Who's who and who plays what?

GEPH: We have Josh Goldberg on Cha...