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#MusicIndustryMonday: TRACKING PHYSICAL SALES AT CONCERTS: Why and How to Do So!

The following is a guest post by Christopher Bianchi, Artist Manager at Mercenary Management in the Cleveland/Akron area of Ohio. Christopher's clients have sold 20+ million albums and have been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards.

When I started off playing in my friends basement, the thought of "tracking our music sales" was something that had literally never crossed our minds back then, although it should have and I'm glad now of having grasped the concept many years later of how important it is to not only TRACK how many units you've sold but also to REPORT THEM with the proper outlets so they count.

Why? There is the the band or artist knows how many units they have sold. Then things stem further based on the sit...

Ocean Bleu and Pink Dewberries

Community organizers-turned-hip hop duo Ocean Bleu & Pink Dewberries talk about their interesting music history, their connection to Motown, and the importance of being a positive hip hop act.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Greetings! Thank you for taking some time out to talk with us today.

Ocean Bleu & Pink Dewberries (OBPD): Thank you for inviting us to share our journey! 

TFC: We're going to start with some basic questions first, so lets have our readers get to 
know you a bit! First, tell us your names, and what each of you do in your act. 

OBPD: Ocean Bleu: hip hop art...

#MusicIndustryMonday: NannerBeats

Philadelphia-based Brennan Haleski, a producer/engineer (among other skills) known as Nannerbeats, has toured the country with standout bands such as An Honest Year, Monday's Mona Lisa, Take A Breath and more. Brennan talks about life on the road, anxiety, his multi-instrumental talents, his favorite artists...and bringing Tupac back from the dead!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi there! Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions for us today.

NannerBeats: No problemo!

TFC: Let's start with a little about the man behind the controls. Who is Brennan Haleski?

NannerBeats: Hmm...that's a tough quest...


The newest country act to join the TFC family is the Mississippi band Trademark, who join us today to talk about their country and rock influences, the support of their growing fan base, and touring across the southeast USA.

The Fan Connection (TFC): So it's great to have some time with Trademark today! We're looking forward to getting to know you guys. 

Trademark: Thanks so much for the oppourtunity! We love the name "The Fan Connection", it's always about the fans with us!

TFC: We always do a little research myself before we talk to a band, but in general I like the readers to be ab...

Indie Artists: STOP Doing These 3 Things (Immediately!)

The following is a guest post by Amber Saxton, owner of A. Sax Management in Philadelphia, PA.

No. 1 - Not Following Instructions

When you submit your music to a blog, radio station, festival/showcase or any other opportunity for coverage, the most important thing to remember is to follow the submission guidelines to the T. Even though there are now an enormous amount of blogs and online magazines out there, caused by the explosion of the internet, there are still more artists and music than all of these media outlets put together can handle. That means your submission may be just a drop in the bucket, so you've got to make sure you stand out among the crowd. In order to do that you must first ensure that your submissio...