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#MusicIndustryMonday: Optimizing Your Pre-Tour Wallet

Any serious independent band who has ever hit the road, especially for the first time, knows that it hits your bank account in a way that makes your Uncle Joe (the one who gave you that money for college...yeah...that Uncle Joe) want to cringe and cry and ask you WHY?! 

Here's the thing about that: Uncle Joe is RIGHT. 

But so are you.

Yes. You must tour.

Yes. You need to have a little padding to start you out. 

Yes, in the beginning, you're not going to come home with wad-loads of cash filling the van.

And yes, in fact, you may come home with less than you started with.

That's OKAY. (By the way, it's "OKAY" for your first few tours. If you're not making money a...

Circle The Suffering

We've known Circle The Suffering for a while now. They were one of our very first TFC bands. It was great connecting with them in this recent interview.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! It's definitely been awhile since we've talked. We're stoked you stuck around with us through the development stage. You guys are one of the earlier TFC artists!

Circle The Suffering: Hi TFC. We're glad you picked us to be part of your site and community from the very start!

TFC: For the new readers who aren't yet familiar with Circle The Suffe...

Mahogany Marie

Atlanta-based and Chicago-bred Mahogany Marie takes a multi-genre approach to creating her powerful and soul-inspired music. She talks with us about influences, struggles...and what keeps her moving forward both in life and with her music.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Mahogany! Thanks for taking some time out to talk with us today!

Mahogany: No...thank you guys very much for the opportunity!

TFC: First, tell us a little about you. You're a solo artist, correct?

Mahogany: Yes, that is totally correct. I am a hardcore, "can't-help-it-even-if-I-tried" artist. I'm originally a ...

#MusicIndustryMonday: How To Earn New Fans and Super-Fans

Bands and music artists have various ways of expanding their fan bases these days, both "live" in person as well as "digitally" on the internet. 

That being said...there's the good and the bad.

Let's start with the "bad." It's really not "bad" per's just a lot of work. Today's music fans have lots of options, and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming for them (and for the artists!). Most music fans today discover new music either from "word-of-mouth" from friends, or they discover them online (also often through word-of-mouth from their friends, via social media) or the daily, continuous 'click, click, click'. You WANT to be in one of those "clicks".  Read more...

Root Road

Murfreesboro, TN-based Root Road consists of 3 brothers who are planning on taking their Christian music career to the next level in 2016. John, Anthony & Nathanael joined us and told us, among other things, their are many other siblings who could have been in their music group.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi! Thank you for taking a bit of time to talk with us today! We've done a bit of research on Root Road, and all we can say so far is: we're definitely digging it! 

Root Road: Thanks! Your encouragement means a lot and keeps us going.

TFC: You have a pretty extensive bio that we were completely into when rea...