Circle The Suffering

We've known Circle The Suffering for a while now. They were one of our very first TFC bands. It was great connecting with them in this recent interview.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! It's definitely been awhile since we've talked. We're stoked you stuck around with us through the development stage. You guys are one of the earlier TFC artists!

Circle The Suffering: Hi TFC. We're glad you picked us to be part of your site and community from the very start!

TFC: For the new readers who aren't yet familiar with Circle The Suffering (CTS), give us a little rundown on your band. How did you meet and end up playing music together? Describe your music and where are you located?

Circle The Suffering: The 3 original members of the group are Drew Marcellus (vocals), Fred Turner (guitar/backup vocals) and Kyle Hjort (drums). Our current bassist, Jeremy Cronk, and 2nd guitarist, Chris Watson, have both been great additions to the new direction that CTS is going, and they will hopefully be with us for as long as we are a band. We would consider ourselves a metalcore band, but we like to experiment with whatever we're feeling. We started out and are currently still based in the central New York area.

TFC: We remember when we first began corresponding, Circle the Suffering was pretty "new" at the time, founded in 2011. How have things progressed and changed for the band since then? 

Circle The Suffering: Let's see...we have released a 5-song EP called "Premonitions" followed up by a music video for the closing track on that EP titled "Quicksand". We have had 4 different people who have played bass for us, either as a temporary fill-in or as a permanent member of the band, as well as 2 different people playing guitar.  We recently recorded a single with a guy by the name of Justin Spaulding from Syracuse, NY and we're really pleased with how it turned out. We're going to be releasing that very soon, likely with a lyric video for everyone to see our newer style.

TFC: We can't wait! Have you been on tour yet? If so, with who and tell us about that.

Circle The Suffering: We haven't been out on a tour yet, but we're hoping to be able to do that in the very near future.

TFC: When you do, make sure we know about it! Tell us a little bit more about the member changes.

Circle The Suffering: There have been quite a few lineup changes, mainly at the bass position but also on guitar. We do believe at this point though that we have the right people for the jobs that were available, and our chemistry is evolving and will hopefully allow us to come up with some great tunes.

TFC: It's always a work in progress until you find the right fit. You've obviously played a ton of shows. Tell us about the most memorable or exciting one. 

Circle The Suffering: It would probably be a show one of our friends put together that was held on his land. It was a huge party in the middle of the woods. People were going crazy!

TFC: Okay, we can picture that...and why weren't we invited?! Any specific venue's you LOVE to play? You know...those ones that are just such a killer vibe that you'll play it even if you're walking out broke.

Circle The Suffering: The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY is always a good time, as well as The Montage out in Rochester, NY. The crowds always kill it at both of those venues.

TFC: What city do you want to hit up that you haven't performed in yet, and why?

Circle The Suffering: We've been in contact with a couple bands in the Buffalo area, and from what we hear the metal scene is doing pretty well out there. So it seems like that would be our next logical step. We also want to venture out to some of the surrounding states to see what the metal scenes are like elsewhere.

TFC: Fan involvement is such a huge plus for a band on the move. Do you have any important shows or events coming up this year that you'd really like your fans to help you push and support? 

Circle The Suffering: We don't have any major shows planned as of right now, as we're still working on new material, but we will likely be getting back to the show grind very soon. So whatever we have come up we hope that everyone tries to get out to at least one show to see what we've been working on.

TFC: Come to Nashville! Music fans love to get behind a band and help them realize their dreams and goals. If there was one thing you could ask of them in 2016, what would it be? 

Circle The Suffering: We have a new single coming out which is the first step toward a new EP/album, so we just hope to see support for all the new music we're brewing up.

TFC: Some of our favorite questions...

Who's the most organized of the group?

Fred: I would say I fly by the seat of my pants the least of everyone else, but when life gets hectic sometimes you just gotta go where it takes you.  

Kyle: I'm fairly organized by not as OCD as Fred, haha.

Drew: We all bring some kind of organizational skills to the table, but I would have to say Fred is the most organized among us. I like to call him Dad, LOL.

There's always a "dad" in the band, and we could have guessed it was Fred. He's always answering the emails. Who sleeps the most? (This doesn't always mean "lazy"...some people are just tired ALL the time).

Fred: That's probably a tie between Chris and Kyle. They would have to have a nap-off to see who the winner is.

Kyle: I'd totally sleep longer than Chris. He's an insomniac so it just seems like he sleeps more.

Any health nuts among you?

Fred: I am, or at least I try to be. I still eat pizza and other comfort foods, but I try to take care of myself for the most part.

Drew: I don't even know the definition of health. I do or eat whatever is convenient. In college I was super-healthy and fit, but that has faded with time. I'd like to be healthy all the time but it's expensive.

Most embarrassing moment at a show?

Kyle: I've had a couple boom stands break and the cymbals fell right into my lap or off the drum riser.

Jer: My first show with the band, my cable connecting my bass head to my cabinet literally caught on fire and melted. Luckily someone else let me borrow one to finish our set.

Fred: I've ripped out multiple pairs of pants and shorts during out sets, usually right as the breakdown kicks in, haha. 

Drew: I really can't remember the venue, but I tripped over the mic cord and pulled it right out of my mic. I was scurrying around trying to find the damn end of it and of course it was a part leading into a chorus. I ended up lip-syncing for half the chorus until I found it. I was mortified!

Chris: I was violated by Kyle's cymbal stand in the beginning of a breakdown. I didn't realize how close I was to it and it was a big surprise, LOL. here's what you're going to do: Get Kyle an assistant to hold his drums together. Get Jer a portable traveling fire extinguisher. Get Fred new pants. A lot of new pants. Get Drew a wireless mic. We're not sure what we can do for Chris...

TFC: Are you currently promoting a specific new song or video?

Circle The Suffering: We have been pushing our new music video here and there, but that's been out for about a year now. We will be pushing our upcoming single called "New Paradigm" in the next couple of weeks, once we release it. We're really pumped about it and hope everyone likes where we're going as a band.

TFC: What are your goals as a band in 2016 and how do you plan to reach them?

Circle The Suffering: We are looking at recording another EP or full-length once we get the material complete. Once we have it, we'll likely do a few shows to raise some money for it. As always, we love getting in front of new faces, so we will try to get to some different venues, possibly in other surrounding states, through contacts that we have made thus far.

TFC: As you know, TFC is a social media/e-commerce site geared strictly towards music and the music industry. Some of the new features we'll be rolling out this year include a new music player with radio-like format, professionally run Fan Clubs, merch stores, live video streaming and private chat rooms. Of those few listed, which one do you think will benefit Circle the Suffering the most and why? 

Circle The Suffering: The Fan Clubs and merch stores definitely sound appealing, especially since there is always something going on and sometimes it feels like you could use an extra hand taking care of everything.

TFC: We're really stoked about those two things too! Thank you for sticking around and supporting us, guys. We're really excited to watch you grow.

Circle The Suffering: Thanks again for supporting us and helping us to grow. We really do appreciate it and we look forward to all the new features of TFC!

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