Ocean Bleu and Pink Dewberries

Community organizers-turned-hip hop duo Ocean Bleu & Pink Dewberries talk about their interesting music history, their connection to Motown, and the importance of being a positive hip hop act.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Greetings! Thank you for taking some time out to talk with us today.

Ocean Bleu & Pink Dewberries (OBPD): Thank you for inviting us to share our journey! 

TFC: We're going to start with some basic questions first, so lets have our readers get to 
know you a bit! First, tell us your names, and what each of you do in your act. 

OBPD: Ocean Bleu: hip hop artist, poet, songwriter. Pink Dewberries: singer, songwriter.

TFC: I'm sure you've been asked this many times, but we have to know, where & how did you 
decide on your name? It's very unique and different! Way to stand out...love it!

OBPD: Ocean Bleu: My name came to me because of a deep affinity, love and care for the 
ocean.  Its depth, strength and resilience are what I strive for in everyday life.  Pink 
Dewberries' name was given in honor of the Dewberry fruit which is hard to find and difficult to pick, but is very, very sweet.  Like the fruit, Pink Dewberries strives to honor her unique and sacred spirit. 

TFC: Wow! That's wonderful. A lot of thought went into the name...we love that! Give us a description of your music and what you do as Ocean Bleu and Pink Dewberries.

OBPD: We are a little Nicki Minaj, a bit of India.Arie and Jill Scott with a touch of Meshell Ndegeocello.  We use our music to uplift, inspire, educate and entertain.

TFC: How did you meet, and how long have you been together as an act?

OBPD: We’ve been together four years and met while doing our work as community 

TFC: Nice! Where are you originally from, and where are you based out of now? 

OBPD: Ocean Bleu is from Chicago and Pink Dewberries is a native of Los Angeles.  Both of 
us now hail from Marina Del Rey, California.

TFC: George Strait has a song called "Marina Del Rey". If you've never heard it, give it a listen! If we wanted to come out and see a show, where would we go? Any favorite venues or events you are partial to playing? 

OBPD: We would love to play the Forum or the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. We’ve both 
done huge shows but also love small, intimate venues. Our next big show is in Atlanta, 
and is called, “Dripping From My Lips.” 

TFC: Tell us, from each of you, what made you want to head out on this journey? As we all 
know, it's not an easy one for anybody. Did you know from a very young age that 
entertaining was going to be your thing, or did something inpire you in your teen years or 
later to head down this path? 

OBPD: Ocean Bleu: Yes, I knew from a young age I would live my life on the stage. I was 
inspired by my Aunt Janice who was an actor and singer. My mother was a visual artist, so 
I grew up around the arts. I fell in love with the poetry of Maya Angelou and Sonia 
, as well as Audre Lorde. I was a hip hop head at a young age and toured with 
some of the icons. I was in a girl group called Treasure with Cassandra Reed aka Jewels.

Pink Dewberries: I fell in love with music as a teenager and have been surrounded by 
musicians all my life. My mother sang opera and also loved African music. My childrens' 
dad was a Motown artist. I wrote songs and sang back-up for many famous artists. It was 
only natural for me to join with Ocean Bleu to bring my own sound and music into the 

"We don’t use foul language. We don’t promote violence or gang culture...At first we thought people wouldn’t vibe with us, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive!"

TFC: It sounds like you both have an exciting history in music. Have you had any specific memorable challenges? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them? 

OBPD: Our music is spiritual, sensual, positive and uplifting. We don’t use foul language.  
We don’t promote violence or gang culture. We are sexy, thick women...our voices and 
music exemplify the lessons we’ve learned and the wisdom we walk with. At first we 
thought people wouldn’t vibe with us, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

TFC: That's great...we need more of that in the world! There's always that "one" special thing that makes an artist say the words "This is why I do what I do". What is that for you? 

OBPD: Our young supporters. So many young people love, support and show up for us.  
We’ve heard stories about how our music and songs have changed people. At the end of 
the day, we do what we do for the fans and the communities who continue to affirm our 

TFC: Are there any surprises coming up in 2016 that we should know about? Any tours, new 
music, video releases?

OBPD: We have a new single coming out called "Mama Who" and some other hot new songs 
in the oven! Ocean Bleu is also releasing a spoken word CD with her award-winning poems.

TFC: Fans are the most important part of any artist's career, no matter what type of art 
you're doing. If there was one thing you could ask of your fans to help push you further 
ahead this year, what would it be? 

OBPD: We hope to triple our bookings this year. We are not just musicians, we are speakers, healers and educators.  We really want to be involved in organizational and community work that promotes peace, healthy living, eco-sustainability and cultural tolerance. Call on us for any and all events of this nature. 

TFC: As you may already know, The Fan Connection is rolling out some really cool features 
during this year. A few of which are a new music player with radio-like format, private chat rooms, professionally run Fan Clubs and merch stores where YOU can make money, and live video streaming and more. Of those mentioned, which one do you think will benefit Ocean Blue & Pink Dewberries the most, and why? 

OBPD: ALL of the above. We love to talk with our fans, we have great merchandise that 
represents our core values...we also have so much to share and talk about so we would be 
perfect for the video streaming. We dig the fact that your network wants to help create 
profit for all!  

TFC: Thank you! We're working hard this year to make that happen for everyone. We're very excited to launch the other sides of TFC. Thanks for your time today! We're looking forward to seeing more of you on TFC.

OBPD: Thank you and all of the people that support us!

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