The newest country act to join the TFC family is the Mississippi band Trademark, who join us today to talk about their country and rock influences, the support of their growing fan base, and touring across the southeast USA.

The Fan Connection (TFC): So it's great to have some time with Trademark today! We're looking forward to getting to know you guys. 

Trademark: Thanks so much for the oppourtunity! We love the name "The Fan Connection", it's always about the fans with us!

TFC: We always do a little research myself before we talk to a band, but in general I like the readers to be able to listen to the stories from the artist's own words. Tell us about Trademark! Who's who, and who plays what in the band? 

Trademark: Chas Henry (drums, backing vocals); Lukas Elijah (guitar, backing vocals); Griffin Hardy (bass, backing vocals); Charles Derrick (lead vocals).

TFC: Give us a description of your you have a "sounds like" artist?

Trademark: Maybe a little towards what Eric Church is doing these days, but influenced from artists across the board, from Hank Jr. to Tool! LOL!

TFC: NICE! A great mix! How long have you been together as Trademark, and how did that come about?

Trademark: Well Charles Derrick started the name TRADEMARK in 2005 and performed for many years with different musicians, but in 2011 got with the current line-up and started down a new direction (an album, video singles, etc.).

TFC: Are you all originally from Mississippi? (We know we could have abbreviated that, but it's SO fun to spell because it brings us back to 2nd grade and we can still hear the beat! Ok...sorry LOL).

Trademark: Yes, all four members are from Mississippi!

TFC: When did you all decide to play music and make it something "real" and important in your life? When did you know you would pursue this journey? As a child? Or older? 

Trademark: I believe all four members had the dream beginning as a child, but the reality of all started to strike in 2011 for sure.

TFC: List your 1 biggest challenge, as individuals, and as a band, and how you overcame them or how you're planning to in the future. 

Trademark: Just growing together as individuals, keeping egos at bay, and growing together while also growing our own individual families as well.

TFC: Now, when we look through Trademark's social media, we're pretty much ready for a high-energy, mud-slingin', loud, big-truckin' we don't know BBQ, concert, races, ANYTHING outside and just crazy fun! Did that hit the mark? Or are we completely off and should maybe just go to the library and give up? 

Trademark: Right on definitely!!

TFC: What have you got for us as far as music and shows this year? Tell the readers what we can expect in 2016.

Trademark: Performing shows in MS, AL, LA and would love to expand that radius...that's where the fans come into play! Let these venues and festivals know that you want TRADEMARK!

TFC: Have you toured as a band yet? If so, for how long and where'd you go? 

Trademark: Just in the southeast, not outside YET...

TFC: What's something in your life, or something/someone close to you, that inspires you to keep doing what you do? It's HARD out there, and there's no "easy" way to keep pushing. Artists just "do it". What's your reason? 

Trademark: Just seeing the stories of our mentors and other people who failed or succeeded in the entertainment business. Life is tough enough, but it's even tougher trying to live a life in the entertainment business. You just have to embrace it!

TFC: So very true! Fans are so important to an artist's career at every single level. Can you think of something specific that your fans have done to help you reach your goals? 

Trademark: They have made it possible for us to be at this point we are at and the point we will make it to in the future. I would say that's how important they are.

TFC: The Fan Connection will be releasing some really great features throughout the year, some of which include a new music player with radio-like format, professionally run Fan Clubs and merch stores where YOU make money, interactive bulletin boards and private chat rooms for artists and fans, and live video streaming. Of the few mentioned, which one do you think would be most beneficial to Trademark, and why? 

Trademark: Probably the private chat rooms or live video streaming. Nothing to base it off of...just a guess!

TFC: Thank you so much for your time today guys! We know how busy you are and we really appreciate it and are honored to have you on TFC!

Trademark: Thank ya'll so much for the opportunity once again!

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