Pop-folk trio AlchiMy joined us from Switzerland to talk about their lyrics (in English and French!), their upcoming activity in Los Angeles and London, and the festival scene in their home country.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hello AlchiMy! We're pretty excited to get to know more about your band today. Thank you for interviewing with us.

AlchiMy: Thanks for having us on board with you! This is great!

TFC: Okay, for starters...let's tell the readers about AlchiMy. Who's who and who plays what? 

AlchiMy: AlchiMy started 8 years ago. We are 3 founders, authors, composers, multi-instrumental players and the 3 lead singers of the band! We are creating every single note and sound of each song and on stage we hire additional musicians.

Loane composes quite all the musical parts. He plays the acoustic and electric guitar, the clarinet, the bass, a little piano, some percussion and he is one of the 3 lead singers of the band.

Nathalie: I am one of three founders of the band. I am at the initiative of this project. I write the lyrics as well as  compose all the vocals melodies, and I am  the second of the 3 lead singers with Loane!

Céline is the third and last founder of the group! She takes care of all the vocal arrangements and is the third and last leading voice of the group with Loane and Nathalie.

The particularity of the band is that we are three Leading voices!

TFC: We found it really interesting that AlchiMy's music can be heard in French or English. That's unique! Let's broaden that detail a little. Give us a little description of your sound. 

AlchiMy: Yes, we are French people, but we come from English and USA musical culture. We  created a sound which is in between poetry, folk music and pop, using old-school musical colors mixed with very personal and probably innovative style! This is going to be heard much more in each song of our second album, which is actually in the course of writing because we really did evolve and find our style. The first album, surprising as it can be it, was a step to get to who we are today. It was indeed one step to where we are now! I guess this will be the same story for each album. This first album "Chercheur d’Or", you can hear on our TFC Artist page.

TFC: How has singing songs in both languages been a bonus for you guys thus far when it comes to your fan base? We can't imagine it ever being a hindrance, so we won't even ask that question!

AlchiMy: I, Nathalie, came from a poetic background when I started writing. I began by writing poems and winning competitions since the age of 12 years. The writing was always a very important aspect of my life. Then we put this skill in the evolution of the music. Being capable of speaking and writing in English gave no limits in our creations. Certain songs come spontaneously in English and others in French. Our concerts will be built with songs in English and songs in French. As soon as it's possible, I would also like to write songs in Spanish, but I would not sing them because my pronunciation is definitively catastrophic!

TFC: How long have you been playing together as AlchiMy?

AlchiMy: We have been together for 8 years as a band. We began music quite late compared to other musicians. When we took this decision, we had to work every day and do everything to accomplish our objective and our dream! We are continuing even now. Loane plays the guitar for about 5 to 8  hours a day, and nowadays he works every day and adds other instruments. I, Nathalie, have coached the group in voice training since the beginning because I was  a vocal coach when we met. However, it is when Loane and Céline came for their very first singing lesson that our group began because their friendship and passion for music made me ask them if they wished to start a band with me! It was at that moment that the AlchiMy band began.

TFC: Give us the "story of your name". 

AlchiMy: Ah! AH! AH! No problem! We have changed our names 3 times before getting to the right one! We first started by The Inner Joy Armonics, then DiaToniC's, then Atlas. Then finally,  AlchiMy. With every name, we kept on feeling that it was not in alchemy with what we are and with the music we made. This is very funny because it's by repeating that these names had no alchemies with our music and our personalities that we found the name of the group, AlchiMy. It is not only the Y that is in capital letter but also the M and the reason for that is that we found that the graphics were beautiful!

TFC: You're from Switzerland. We're dying to know about the music scene there, and how it differs from here in the USA.

AlchiMy: The Switzerland scene is important! There are many bands and not many scenes and festivals. We have many big summer festivals such as the very well-known Paléo Festival of Nyon or the Montreux Jazz Festival or the Rock oz'Arènes Festival. There are 2 types of musical scenes and festivals. The official musical scene and many small associations that are also doing festivals. This country is a full of very good bands and musicians.

TFC: How did AlchiMy come about? How did you all meet one another and form the band? 

AlchiMy: I, Nathalie, train the group in singing since the beginning because I was giving some singing lessons when we first met. Moreover, it is when Loane and Céline arrived to take their very first singing class that our group began because the friendship and the passion for the music, which we have made me to ask them if they wish to make a band with me. It has been at that very moment that the AlchiMy band began.

TFC: Can you tell us a little about your goals for this year?

AlchiMy: We are going to record a single in July 2016 in Los Angeles with a famous producer...a single in English that we have already created at the begining of 2016. That single will be on our second album. Then we will do a video clip of that single in Los Angeles or in London. We are on the process of writing the second album and the first album, surprising as it can be it, was a step to get to who we are today. It was indeed  one step to where we are now. Ten songs in English and two in French this time, the exact opposite of the first album that has 10 songs in French and 2 in English. We are working on a musical live tour for October 2016. We regularly bring out videos of live acoustic versions of our songs on YouTube. This year our objective is to increase our visibility as much as possible  with the aim of starting our musical career and to sign up with a label.

TFC: In what ways do you think your fan base can help you reach those goals? 

AlchiMy: We have been chosen in various magazines and various radios because our song "Liberté" got approximately 40,000 views on Soundcloud. This is the proof that our fans have major importance. In fact, we make music in order to meet them, to spend time with them and it is thanks to them that we can exist and live on our music. To make a living out of our music  means very clearly to earn enough money to go on live music tours and thus be able to meet our Fans and share our music with them. It is as simple as that. Without our fans we cannot make it, and this is the reason why we gave them a name. The are called The AlchiMysters because they are Masters of AlchiMy's musical career.

TFC: Give the readers a bit of a description of your song "Un Brin de Passion". We enjoyed the video on your TFC Artist page.

AlchiMy: The song "Un Brin de Passion" is one of the singles from our first album. This song has a lot of energy and that's why we chose to make a video clip for it. This song speaks about tempestuous relations and says that it is easy to do better than to get into a conflict. We wanted that song to be rather funny and simple while being very positive and poetic. The rhymes are tonic which makes a reference to the conflicting relationship between people, but also to the energy and sense of not taking ourselves too seriously.

TFC: As you know, fans are the #1 most valuable treasure for an artist or band on the rise. How have your fans helped you in your journey? 

AlchiMy: The enthusiasm of our fans as well as their loyalties helped us a lot to make us known, but also to continue to believe in our music and in our choices to make music in a  professional way. It is to be able to share all this with our fans that we remain positive and continue all our actions to develop our musical career. It is also because of their priceless value that  we  gave them the name The AlchiMysters.

TFC: We'll be rolling out some great features here on The Fan Connection during this year. Some of them are a new music player with radio-like format, Fan Clubs and merch stores where YOU earn money, private chat rooms, and live video streaming. Of the few we've mentioned, which one do you think will be the most beneficial to AlchiMy and why? 

AlchiMy: The Fan Connection site is exceptional and very intelligent! What you offer the artists is great! And regarding our band, I think that it would be stupid not to take part in everything you do because it is important and these are matters which we are delighted not to have to do. We will choose all your actions...all without exceptions. We repeat with enjoyment that The Fan Connection is extremely useful for everything and very intelligently built! Thank you so much!

TFC: Thank you so much for your time today. We look forward to seeing you on TFC!

AlchiMy: It is a great pleasure and a delightful moment for us of to be on board with you. It is an honor so thank you so much!

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