#MusicIndustryMonday: Aesthetic Heart Promotions

We're really excited to do this #MusicIndustryMonday interview with Aesthetic Heart Promotions (AHP) today. For those who don't know, we met Cassie Werner from AHP a couple of years ago when TFC was just starting out!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Cassie! It's been awhile now! 

Aesthetic Heart: Hello everyone! I'm extremely excited to do this interview. I haven't done an interview in quite some time so, I'm excited to talk about AHP in interview form and it's perfect timing because AHP is turning 5 years old on March 30th! And I'm really happy to say I've been following TFC since the beginning and always know that TFC truly is something incredible and they truly care about music.

TFC: Aw, thank you! (We're blushing!). Congrats on 5 years! For starters, tell us a little about yourself...a little background on the girl who runs this popular music page.

Aesthetic Heart: I'm a 23-year-old music promoter, promoting and supporting all things music all over the states and world. Completely dedicated to music . I started AHP a few days after my 18th birthday and I always say this and I ALWAYS will, but it was one of the best things I've ever done in my life and one of best things that has EVER happened to me. 

TFC: We can see that you have a TON of bands who frequent your page, Aesthetic Heart Promotions, on Facebook. Tell us about that...what "is" AHP?

Aesthetic Heart: AHP is music promotion completely dedicated to supporting and promoting all things music. AHP does not only promote JUST "bands & artists", there's so much more to the music scene than just those two. AHP promotes record labels, recording studios, venues, music management, producers, non-profit, etc. Everything music-related has always been so inviting to me, and I always knew I never wanted to specifically focus on just bands and artists, and I want to be helpful to absolutely everyone and everything in the music scene because honestly, we are ALL in this together and I'll always believe in that.

TFC: It's so true! That's exactly why we started #MusicIndustryMonday on TFC. We wanted to reach out to others who promoted independent music. When did AHP begin, and what made you want to do this? 

Aesthetic Heart: AHP began on March 30th, 2011. I was 18-years-old, a few months away to graduate high school. I've always had an unlimited amount of passion for music and helping people and had to do something with it, so I created AHP.

TFC: You're in Philadelphia, PA right? We know there's a good music scene there. Do you promote AHP at shows locally?

Aesthetic Heart: Yes, I'm from Philadelphia, PA. The music scene is great around here. There's many places to play! I'm always promoting shows on AHP Twitter, etc. No...it honestly hasn't come across my mind to promote AHP TOO much at shows. I may do it in the future. I'm not someone who goes to shows and expects people to be freaking over AHP like "OMG, you're the girl who runs Aesthetic Heart Promotions, right?" (I'm flattered when that does happen). I'm just really selfless with that stuff. I like to go to shows and enjoy the music, and unless the band or artist mentions it to me first, I honestly don't mention what I do with music to the band or artist until end of conversation. I ALWAYS suggest you never stop telling people what it is you do. It's just never the first thing I mention. I like to have genuine conversations and tell the band how great the set was, ask them how the tour is going, etc. Always promote and tell everyone what you do though, I'll never stop suggesting everyone to do that.

TFC: I remember just a couple of years ago there were about 9,000 Facebook likes, and now you have over 18,000. How do you get the name out there and bring bands and fans to AHP?

Aesthetic Heart: Thank you so much for following AHP and sticking by! I honestly just never settle on promoting, in a sense of "I don't skip days or take too many breaks". I stay updated on everything music-related and ALWAYS browse music and find new bands everyday and tell them what I do and tell everyone to please feel free to promote with AHP everyday. Of course, the support I've been given and the fact that people appreciate what I do and tell people about AHP, that's been a help too, and I never stop networking. That's so important. 

TFC: Absolutely! Gotta keep up the grind! I'm sure being such a music lover, you frequent live shows as often as you can. Tell us the best one you've seen yet. Your "unforgettable" live show.

Aesthetic Heart: This is a very, very, very hard question. I'm gonna have to say the very first holiday show The Starting Line did. In December 2009. The Starting Line is a very popular band from Philadelphia, PA. Literally every single person was screaming every single word to every single song and it was just so magical. So much hometown love and so much great energy. I definitely lost my voice that night. Confetti flying around everywhere. Everyone jumping around everywhere. I think the crowd sang more than the band did. It was just insanely wonderful. These guys have been a band since 1999 and they've always had so much love from their hometown fans and it always shows. 

TFC: They're very fortunate to get that type of hometown support. Do you find that you're able to form friendships with some of the bands you help to promote? 

Aesthetic Heart: Oh yeah, absolutely! The majority of the people I know are because of music and some of my greatest friends in the entire world are because of music! Including TFC ;) 

TFC: Is AHP something you want to continue and grow larger?

Aesthetic Heart: AHP is forever for me. I'll never stop promoting. I take one day at a time, 'cause I know I'll always be with music. It's not even "do I want it to grow larger". I just want everyone to know that I'm here and will always be here to help everyone and I'll always believe in music.

TFC: There are a few people we've run into throughout our journey who are diehard music fans, and work like crazy to help bands reach their goals. Independent bands simply couldn't do it without those types of people. What's one piece of advice you'd give to bands about pushing forward? Any specific mistakes that you've seen them make that could have been prevented by following a different protocol? 

Aesthetic Heart: My number one rule is to never stop reaching out to everyone. Every day you have a chance to share with someone what it is in music that you do. Please do it. It's so important to never settle, never stop promoting and networking. 

TFC: As you know, TFC is a social media/e-commerce site specifically for artists and fans. We have quite a few really cool features being released this year. A few of which include professionally run Fan Clubs and on-demand merch stores, live video streaming, private chat rooms and a new music player with radio-like format. Of those mentioned, which do you think will be the most beneficial to indie bands and why?

Aesthetic Heart: I think all of the features listed above are awesome, and I look forward to seeing all of these! I'm gonna have to say I'm most excited for the new music player with radio-like format. I think this would be most beneficial to indie bands because it'll be a great outlet for them to have their music played. They could be interviewed on it and if someone who's listening enjoys this specific band, they can look into all the other features TFC has to offer...the private chat rooms, merchandise stores, for THIS specific band and it will help a lot. 

TFC: Cassie, thank you so much for your time today! We look forward to keeping in touch with AHP! 

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