#MusicIndustryMonday: Kylie Rebecca Photography

Kylie from Kylie Rebecca Photography met up with us for today's #MusicIndustryMonday and talked about her life on the road as a professional music photographer, tools of the trade, a typical day...and some of the shoots she's done with KISS, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy and more.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Kylie! Thanks for doing an interview with us today! 

Kylie: Hey TFC! Thanks so much for having me! 

TFC: Ok, so where is home base for you? 

Kylie: I live in Nashville, TN. But with touring, everywhere feels kinda like home.

TFC: What style of shooting is your favorite? In studio, on tour, live, etc.?

Kylie: Honestly, my heart has always been in the music industry. So for me live shooting (photo and video) is my absolute favorite. I really enjoy working in a photo studio and on locations for shoots. But I also have a background in professional sports photography! 

TFC: Can we ask what have been some of the noteworthy shoots that you've been involved in?

Kylie: Sure! My favorite shoot was probably KISS, but I've done shoots with A-list artists from Mark Anthony, The Neighbourhood, and Imagine Dragons to Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots.

TFC: How long have you been shooting professionally? 

Kylie: Professionally for over five years now! But I've always been interested in photography...I started shooting for fun when I was three with a Barbie digital camera. 

TFC: There aren’t many females in the music industry, especially on the photo/video side of things. Is it difficult to be surrounded by guys all the time? 

Kylie: Haha, honestly it’s not as bad as you might think. I’ve always been one to have more guy friends growing up, so it’s just like having a lot of brothers. But when it comes to actually working, it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female...as long as you take your job seriously and are professional about it. 

TFC: What type of camera do you use? (This is for the other camera connoisseurs, LOL)

Kylie: Currently I have a Canon 5D mark iii and I absolutely love it. It’s great for both photo and video. I also use a Canon 70D.

TFC: What camera would you suggest to someone just starting out in photography? 

Kylie: Honestly, the Canon Rebel series is pretty amazing. I started out with a Rebel T3i, and it’s great to learn from a camera that's not going to completely break the bank! 

TFC: What is your editing software of choice? 

Kylie: I’m definitely a fan of the Adobe Creative Cloud. So for photos - Lightroom & Photoshop; for video - Premiere Pro & After Effects.

TFC: Back to touring...what are the necessities that you must have when you go on the road? 

Kylie: MULTIPLE PHONE CHARGERS (no matter how close you are to the people you’re touring with...they will go missing). Lots of different t-shirts and jeans, shoes, makeup, makeup wipes, dry shampoo is a lifesaver, perfume (for those times when you just can’t handle the smell of 8 guys anymore, LOL) and my laptop & camera equipment and lighting of course. 

TFC: What is a typical day like for you when you're on the road?

Kylie: Wake up! Get ready as fast as possible (guys don’t understand the struggle of winged eyeliner, but I’ve got it down to a science). Head to the venue...edit video/photos on the way. Once we get to the venue, I usually find a cool spot to do promos and then...showtime. After the show, you’ll find me either in the green room or at the merch table editing and getting the photos to the band as soon as possible. Then load out and (hopefully) sleep. 

TFC: You MUST give us at least two of your favorite memories from tour.

Kylie: Oh gosh, there's so many. I can honestly say the most humbling is when we were in a venue and it had just been a crappy day all around, and then this girl walked up to me and asked me for my autograph and just told me how much she loved my work. That was a very humbling and amazing moment for me. A funny one would probably be when a few of the (band) members and I went exploring downtown Minneapolis at like 2 in the morning, which led to late night pizza and a hilarious recap video.

TFC: Sounds fun! What's next for you? Any tours planned, or big shows you'll be shooting?

Kylie: I’ve got some very exciting things coming up that I can't talk about just yet. From tours to music videos and some promo shoots. Just keep an eye out in the next few weeks! 

TFC: The Fan Connection is rolling out some really great features in 2016. Like professionally run Fan Clubs, a new music player with radio-like format, including commercials and promotion for bands, live video streaming, merchandise stores and private chat rooms. Being around musicians and bands so often, you probably know a lot about the sacrifices and struggles they have to deal with. Of the features mentioned above, which one would you say would be most beneficial to independent artists? 

Kylie: I feel that any press and promotion is great for bands and artists, especially when they're just starting out. It’s important to get the word out about their music, music videos, tours etc. And I feel that the music player, professionally run Fan Clubs, live video streaming and things like that would be so beneficial, and it would take some stress off of the bands. 

TFC: Kylie, Thanks for taking some time with us today! Where can we see more of your work in the future?

Kylie: Thanks again for having me! You can see my work at my website, my Instagramor my Facebook page.

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