Goodbye, Goodnight

Kyle Goffinet, known professionally as Goodbye, Goodnight, joined us to talk about his music, the Louisville scene and a comical Donald Trump sighting-of-sorts at a recent show of his!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Kyle! Thanks for joining us today. You’re artist name is “Goodbye, Goodnight”. Tell us how that came about? What’s the meaning behind the name?

Goodbye, Goodnight: Thanks for having me! The name came from the song, “Call it Karma” by Silverstein. I was listening to an acoustic rendition of the song and loved the flow of the two words together. It just seemed rather catchy to me.

TFC: You describe your music as “acoustic emo.” What artists and albums have influenced you musically?

Goodbye, Goodnight: A lot of early emo bands have been a big musical inspiration to me such as Hawthorne Heights and AFI. They kind of paved the way towards the music I listen to. The artist that made me decide acoustic music was for me is This Wild Life. It is music that has always been my favorite and they showed you can play it while still being a part of the emo/pop punk scene.

TFC: You’re EP “Restless Nights” was released last year. What was the inspiration for that collection of songs?

Goodbye, Goodnight: It seems rather cliché, but the songs are literally just different things I was going through at the time. I had a song, "48 Hours", that I wrote in my room within minutes after I walked into my house to find out my grandfather had passed away. Writing songs that came from my heart has always been my goal.

TFC: Emotional subject matter always makes a great song. It looks like you’ve been doing quite a few shows recently. How have you gone about securing your show dates? Has it been a difficult or relatively easy process?

Goodbye, Goodnight: Well the increase in shows has just been me building more fans and friends in the area. It has been difficult to secure shows in some places but in areas such as Nashville and Indianapolis, it has been very easy for me. Those are two of my favorite cities to play in.

"Having people personally connecting to a song I wrote laying in my bed is amazing to me. People have even messaged me telling me that my music got them through a rough patch. That just blows my mind."

TFC: We love Nashville! The fans always play a big part in the development of an artist’s career. Tell us a specific story about feedback from a fan that has showed you that you’re on the right musical path.

Goodbye, Goodnight: A lot of people will come up to me after a set and tell me how they related to a particular song of mine. Having people personally connecting to a song I wrote laying in my bed is amazing to me. People have even messaged me telling me that my music got them through a rough patch. That just blows my mind.

TFC: How active are you in the Louisville music scene? How has the local music scene helped shape your craft and your career?

Goodbye, Goodnight: I would like to say I am pretty active in the Louisville scene. A big thing is going to shows that you are not playing is a big part of it. It has also given me a bunch of great new friends. Some of the nicest guys are my friends in Street Sense who I have played countless shows with. Having a local scene and playing more shows has helped my live vocal performance drastically. It is cool having people who I have known for a few months singing back to me. I love the people of Louisville.

TFC: Strong local followings are SO very important for the career of an artist. When did you first realize you wanted to be a music artist? And what are you’re long-term goals?

Goodbye, Goodnight: I have honestly been telling people I was going to be a rockstar since I was a little kid. My long-term goals are ultimately to be a signed touring musician and play music 365 days a year. That seems like the perfect life to me.

TFC: Other than guitar, do you play any other instruments? When did you first realize you had the talent to play guitar…when was that “ah ha” moment?

Goodbye, Goodnight: I learned a few instruments when I was in high school band for a year. It taught me some piano and how to keep a beat on drums. Guitar was the thing I have connected to though. I have only been playing for a little bit over a year and have just fallen in love with it.

TFC: Well it sounds like the guitar is the instrument for you! We love stories from the road. What’s the coolest story you can tell us about one of your gigs?

Goodbye, Goodnight: The best memory is honestly a show I played in Owensboro on March 11th. It was my first time playing there in a few months and I didn’t even have to sing through the PA because everyone was yelling the words as loudly as they could. Also, my friend James was going wild the entire time and someone had a Donald Trump mask on. It was just an insanely fun time.

TFC: Sounds like it! As you may know, TFC is a “social media just for music” platform and is rolling out several new features in the coming months, including a streaming music player, Fan Clubs, live video broadcasting, free on-demand merchandise stores and more. What do you think is the most important feature to you, and what other features would you like to see?

Goodbye, Goodnight: Live streams are something that has been really cool to me. One person live streamed my set in Nashville which had 80 more people watching my set. Having people being able to download MP3s would be insanely cool too.

TFC: We hope you'll take advantage of some of these things and we'll let you know when we roll them out. Thanks for joining us and keep making that music!

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