The Importance of Using Social Media Between Gigs
An excerpt by Mark Powers

Consider the following scenario.

A local band books that big show at that cool venue in town. As the date draws nearer, the band members burst into action. A couple awesome images are shared online; a Facebook event page magically appears and starts getting promoted; everyone on everyone's friends lists are invited; fun little reminders about the upcoming show are tweeted daily.

Gig day comes and things are amazing! A multitude of fans turn out, the venue is ecstatic, tons of merch is purchased, and all is wonderful with the world.

Someone from the band pops on the Facebook event page the morning after and posts a huge: "Luv you guys SO much! Thank u for an uh-MAY-zing show at BlahBlahBlah!! emoticon, emoticon, emoticon"

That day passes, the next arrives and the buzz gradually mellows out a bit. Another day or two, and then… crickets. Nothing. The band has stopped hearing from anyone who was excited over the weekend and—far, far worse—those fans have stopped hearing from the band.

Sound familiar? Admit it. You and I have both done it.

But the show's over, you say. There's nothing to post about anymore. Time to book the next one so that we have something to blab about and can start the process all over again. Right?


To summarize: Stay active on social media BETWEEN gigs.

This post originally appeared in VORTEX magazine and is republished with permission. Read the full article HERE.


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