Twin-brother duo Metanoiz met up with us to talk about their broad range of influences, their spirituality and their own unique brand of hip-hop.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! Thanks for taking some time out to talk to us! You seem to have your plate full right now!

Metanoiz: It's our pleasure! There's always room for dessert!

TFC: First let's start by letting those who aren't familiar with Metanoiz get to know you a little! What are your names, and what do each one of you do within your band? 

Metanoiz: Definitely. Metanoiz is a hip-hop duo consisting of the two of us...our names, individually, are Kaydas and Kaydom. Both of us have equal responsibility to the entity. We are both writers, rappers, singers, and producers.

TFC: seem to look there a reason for that? (giggling, because we know!

Metanoiz: Haha, well we're best friends, and figured it'd be dope to try and look exactly alike!...We're identical best friends.

TFC: When did you first decide you wanted to do this as a career?

Metanoiz: Well, since we were about 3 or 4, we both enjoyed performing in front of family, whether it was dancing or singing. By the time we hit 9, we wrote our first song, which was actually our first and probably last reggaeton song. From that moment on, it was kind of inevitable for us to do this for the rest of our lives.

TFC: Give us a little description of your music, your influences and inspirations. 

Metanoiz: Our music is written for a Greater Power. The point of our lyrics are to impact, inspire, and educate. Influences range from Kendrick Lamar to Lecrae, to Billy Joel and The Drifters. We're very fond of almost all music.

TFC: Tell us about being twin brothers in the industry. Do you find it's easier than being in a band with friends, or at times more difficult? 

Metanoiz: It's definitely easier. We can have huge disagreements on things, but at the end of it all, we're still brothers, making it easier to get along with each other again.

TFC: There are very few things that can compare to siblings sharing a talent like this. Some of the most amazing harmonies come from brothers and sisters who were raised together. Would you say that your vocals benefit from that like so many others have? 

Metanoiz: Indeed! It's because we're practically always together that makes it easier to match one another and understand what the other wants to do, vocally.

TFC: Have you both always been on the same page when it comes to your visions and career goals? 

Metanoiz: Absolutely. Point blank. It's not really OUR vision. More like God's goal being embedded in us.

TFC: Many times, a band...regardless of the number of band members...will have a "leader" so to speak. Which one of you would you say that is?

Metanoiz: We usually cut the credit in half. It's a twin thing. The Leader is neither of us. We're both being lead by Something greater.

"Our family and friends are also very supportive of our passion. The music is booming around our area. There is so much talent that flows from here, and we can't wait to put our city on the map."

TFC: What's the music industry like where you're from? Did you find support in your hometown to get started, or did you have to move away to begin an uphill climb?

Metanoiz: Major props go out to the Poconos. Our fans are more like "fams". We found our support through many community organizations, such as churches and political parties. Our family and friends are also very supportive of our passion. The music is booming around our area. There is so much talent that flows from here, and we can't wait to put our city on the map. As the VP of our label once said, "Something must be in the water up here."

TFC: What's your career highlight thus far? Is there a favorite? Something you'll never forget? 

Metanoiz: Of course. Us winning our first contest landed us a record deal, $10,000, and an opportunity to open up for the Power 105.1 Powerhouse pre-party in NYC. We built an amazing bond with our team through that. Also, receiving the verses from the features of our upcoming EP was so surreal. You'll find out who those artists are soon, 'cause we're thrilled to announce them.

TFC: We'll be watching you in 2016! What should we be looking for?

Metanoiz: Big things. Definitely look out for our EP. Should be released around summer time. But also, keep an eye out for some next level stuff. God's got something huge in store for us. Hard to explain, but let's just say the industry isn't ready for us.

TFC: The Fan Connection has some incredible features being released in 2016. Like professionally run fan clubs to help build your fanbase, all the mailing and packaging done by us, a new music player with radio-like format including promotion for our TFC bands, merch stores, private chat rooms (so you can chat with your fan club members if you choose), and live video streaming. Of those few that I've listed, which one feature do you think will be most beneficial to your career and why? (If you can choose! They're all pretty awesome!)

Metanoiz: Honestly, the music player sounds awesome, because it's always great to stream music for the fans. But also, private chat rooms seem really dope! We love to engage with our fans on a more personal level, so I can see that helping a lot. 

TFC: Thank you so much for spending some time with us today guys! We're looking forward to watching you grow! 

Metanoiz: Thanks for having us. We hope to catch up again, soon!

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