Dave Mac

We caught up with Canada's Dave Mac, and he shared some details about his new album, including a new video shot in Jamaica.

The Fan Connection (TFC): It's great to meet you! Let's learn a little about who "Dave Mac" the musician really is. What made you want to follow your dream as a musician, and at what age did you begin playing music? 

Dave Mac: Dave Mac is the Canadian Mac Miller. What made me want to follow my dreams? I knew that music was in my blood...it just feels right to create music. I get an amazing feeling and I want to carry on my father's legacy.

TFC: There couldn't be a better reason that that! Where do you call home?

Dave Mac: Port Perry, the town, is located northeast of Toronto, Canada. It's a community located in Scugog Township.

TFC: What's the music industry like where you come from?

Dave Mac: There isn't an industry where I'm from unless you travel to Toronto or live in the city. Everything I've created was done in my home studio in my basement. The only good thing is peace and quiet to keep making these tunes for the listeners.

TFC: We've heard similar stories from a lot of musicians! The good thing about being in a peaceful place is the ability to create art without distraction. Even though you may have a bigger industry in a huge city, sometimes you can get sidetracked from your work. We think you're doing a great job! Favorite bands?

Dave Mac: Not really too many bands other then 80s & 90s rock music, but my favourte artists out right now would be Kevin Gates, Fetty Wap, Ma$e, Problem, Jon Connor, Wale to name a few.

TFC: Lot's of musicians have that "one" show they can't forget. Tell us yours!

Dave Mac: That one show I'll never forget was back in 2014 when I opened for Machine Gun Kelly. He sure knows how to get the crowd going and his fans are amazing! 

TFC: Nice! What would you say is the most difficult part of your journey in this industry?

Dave Mac: If it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be fun for me. I would say getting an agent, manager or connection or even a label to help me book shows worldwide and push my music a little further.

TFC: Hard work pays off. You'll see! Would you give other musicians any specific advice on ways to make that a little easier? 

Dave Mac: Practice makes perfect. Work on your material nonstop, sell tickets, do as many shows as possible and just never give up.

TFC: Which is your favorite? What keeps you getting up every morning and pushing it?

Dave Mac: The people and listeners...my family, most importantly my mother and older brother. My girlfriend Sam definitely pushes me to my limits and I'm thankful. 

TFC: Are there any tours on the horizon that we should be looking out for?

Dave Mac: Trouble Tour across Canada. I would like to get some dates across the country as well.

TFC: Let us know when that tour begins. It looks like you have a release coming up on April 18. Tell us about that.

Dave Mac: The album has 10 records, 7 of them are videos...one I did in Jamaica and 6 I filmed with Captured Photography and Film. I wrote this album due to previous life experiences I have had with ex-girlfriends. Trouble will be stocked in HMV Canada and available on iTunes and other online outlets.

TFC: We'll definitely be on the lookout for it! What song would you say is a fan favorite?

Dave Mac: Once Trouble drops it will be a fan favorite. But I know the fans like the ''People Say'' and ''If I Could'' videos.

TFC: Everyone knows a well-built, active fan base is the key to success in this business. If there was one thing you would ask of your fans in 2016 to help you on your journey, what would it be? 

Dave Mac: Share this album with everyone because I didn't just create this for myself. There are many other reasons, so stick around and find out! 

TFC: Here at The Fan Connection, we're busy creating and putting the finishing touches on some really amazing features! Just a few of the things we'll be rolling out in 2016 include a killer music player with radio-like broadcasting on the site, which will include artist discovery, interviews, promotions for TFC artists and more; professionally run fan clubs; contests for artists AND their fans; private chat rooms (GREAT for fan club chats!) and live streaming. Of those listed, which one do you think would be the most beneficial for you and why? 

Dave Mac: Just having another outlet to access my music is the biggest help. All those others listed help me, too.

TFC: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! We're looking forward to hearing more from you!

Dave Mac: Thanks for reaching out best of 2016! 

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