Like The Movies

Today we visit with dance/electronic duo Like The Movies. Hailing, from Orlando, the group reveals that they met when one of them was only 12-years old, and have since shared the stage with some of the top acts in indie pop.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi! Thanks for taking some time to talk with us today!

Like The Movies (LTM): Absolutely, thank you guys.

TFC: Who are the group members and what does each one of you do? 

LTM: Like the Movies consists of Chris Ganoudis (vocals, DJ) and Nick Davila (drums). We also both do production so that’s a big part of it.

TFC: Your name is awesome, tell us about it. 

LTM: The name really comes from the notion of music having the ability to be larger than life. Kind of like a soundtrack to our lives I guess.

TFC: You have your hometown listed as Orlando, Florida...are you still based out of there?

LTM: Yes, partly, however we also go to college sometimes. Chris goes to Florida State up in Tallahassee and Nick goes to FGCU in Ft. Meyers. We have a studio in Orlando though, so we just convene there and work.

TFC: Tell us a little about the music scene locally there in Orlando. We know some great musicians have come from central Florida. 

LTM: We’ve been around the Orlando scene since we started playing music. It’s cool to have a wide range of venues to go see anywhere from a small club act to an arena show all in the downtown area.

TFC: PLUS DISNEY!! :-) How did you guys meet, we'd love to hear a little background story on the band.

LTM: We actually met when Nick was just 12-years old. Someone hired me (Chris) to play some songs at an event and I needed a drummer. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I found out he was 12, but he came over and jammed and he could just flat-out play. Blew my mind. We’ve been doing some sort of music together ever since.

"We played rock music all throughout high school and we really didn’t discover electronic music until we were older. I think that’s a cool thing for us because we don’t really have an predetermination's of what electronic music should be."

TFC: Wow, 12...obviously meant to play music! Who/what are your major influences and tell us how they've had an impact on your music. 

LTM: We really draw on a wide variety of artists. We both grew up listening to classic rock so that plays a huge role. We played rock music all throughout high school and we really didn’t discover electronic music until we were older. I think that’s a cool thing for us because we don’t really have an predetermination's of what electronic music should be. It’s just kind of what we’re feeling.

TFC: Most artists have a favorite show from the past, what was the best/most fun/exciting show you've ever played?

LTM: I think that would have to be the Orlando show on the Summerfest tour with We the Kings, Breathe Carolina, T. Mills, and The Ready Set. All of those guys were so awesome to us and to come back to our hometown and blow it out was a ton of fun.

TFC: NICE! We've seen all of those bands at Warped before. That must have been a blast! In what ways has your fanbase, specifically, helped you move forward in your career?

LTM: In every way, really. I mean without them there’s no shows. Performing live is so important to us and there’s nothing better as an artist than having a great crowd to feed off of.

TFC: It seems you have some active followers and fans on social media. Do you have any tips and pointers for other bands trying to grow their online presence? 

LTM: Just be yourselves. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have a to put up a facade for the internet. Definitely be wary of what you share on there, but be real.

TFC: Excellent advice. What can we expect from Like The Movies in 2016?

LTM: New shows, new music, a lot of new stuff. We’re kicking off Spring Break with a FREE show in Orlando where we’re going to play a ton of new music. We’ll be partying our faces off and we want all our friends to be there so go check out the details on our Facebook page (see all of Like The Movies' social media links here).

TFC: If we can make it down to Orlando we'll definitely be there! We love to see our TFC artists perform live. Fans, as we all know, are the key driving force for a band to reach certain levels in the industry. If you could ask your fans for one thing this year to help you reach a goal, or several goals, what would it be?  

LTM: I mean I don’t know what more we could ask of them. I guess just to keep partying with us. We just want to share the time of our lives with as many people as possible. People will notice.

TFC: All of us at TFC have been working hard to bring some incredible and fun features to the site for this year, and will begin rolling them out soon. A few of them are: Professionally run fan clubs for our artists, with killer packets mailed out to your fans who join (shipping done by us!); a new music player with radio-format type listening along with promotional spots for our artists; live streaming; and private chat rooms to enable artists to chat directly with Fan Club members or other artists and bands as well; your own merch stores with discounts offered to your Fan Club members; along with contests for fans AND artists. Of those few that we've listed, which one do you think will be most beneficial to your band?

LTM: I think the bond between artist and fan is really important. With all of the new social technology, fans are more connected to their favorite artists than ever. As artists, using a platform like TFC to help our music reach new people is all we can ask for.

TFC: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! We're looking forward to seeing you on TFC!

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