Monday's Mona Lisa: A New Cover to Kick off 2016

We met up with Monday's Mona Lisa and they reflected on #TYNO Tour and shared their new cover video with us!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Guys! It's good to catch up with you again. It looks like your recent tour with 4 Door Theatre and An Honest Year went off without a hitch!

Monday's Mona Lisa (MML): It was great! It was an absolute blast and a great opportunity for us to play in new places. We made some new fans and met some that have been with us from the start. It was definitely a great first tour and a life changing experience.

TFC: From each one of you...give us one "stand out" moment from the whole tour, a memory you're likely not to forget.


Austin: Pizza in Chicago literally blew me away. Chicago will forever be in my heart, based on pizza.

Dustin: The first show in Cleveland...everybody that was there was loud and wild and extra excited. Oh, and we met our long time fan Ashby!

Wyatt: At the last show of tour in Nashville, An Honest Year and 4 Door Theatre tricked me into heading to the green room right before our set, and they wrapped me up in Saran Wrap and carried me to the stage, haha.

TFC: Ok, so food, fans and....Saran Wrap, got it! We know before the tour you guys had mentioned being from Florida, and were concerned about the cold (sorry, we're laughing at you a little). How did that go? Any MML ice pops? Lips stuck to poles?

MML: It was totally cold, but we think we got mostly used to it after the first few days! And then we got to Florida for the holidays and it hit 68 degrees and we felt like we were icicles. It was confusing.

TFC: That just confused us, too, LOL. How was the morale during the long days and nights with the same people over and over again? 

MML: It was honestly a blast. We were in high spirits the whole ride and everyone on the tour was totally cool.

TFC: We've seen some short video clips of 'tour fun' in the last several weeks, and we have to ask, (especially now knowing it was Wyatt's favorite part) did he come to be wrapped up in Saran Wrap and delivered to the stage?

MML: That was an "end-of-tour" prank that the other bands played on us. Not sure who masterminded it, but it was hilarious!

TFC: Hopefully Wyatt didn't like it so much we start seeing him dressed in Saran Wrap! Were there parties? Anything particularly comical happen there?

MML: There were some decent parties. They were very fun, very loud and included walkie-talkies and over-done southern accents. That is all that can be said.

TFC: Yep, okay, we're gonna leave it at that! Tell us a little about the locations you went to? Did each one of you have a particular state you liked the most? 

MML: I think we all agreed that our two favorites were Minneapolis and Chicago. The venues and audiences were just amazing.

TFC: How about the actual venues? Favorites? And why?

MML: The Garage in Minnesota. It is absolutely badass. Big room, big stage, great sound. The whole package. 

TFC: We've been to The Garage. GREAT place. Looks like you've just released a new cover video (we love it, btw!). Why'd you choose Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself"? Personal reasons or fan choice? 

MML: Both! We all are huge fans of his new record and our fans definitely love themselves some Bieber

TFC: We can definitely admit his new record is crazy good. Any little tidbits of information about the filming?

MML: We filmed in a really cool warehouse in Tampa, FL. Our videographer had a great eye for lighting and set up and made the whole thing come out great!

TFC: We can attest to that. The whole video has a really cool vibe! Seems that your videographer knew just how to capture this one! Who filmed it and how'd you find them?

MML: We did the video with Kylie Rebecca! We met her on tour. She was working with An Honest Year as their tour photographer and we hit it off!

TFC: So you're opening a show for Set It Off in Nashville at Rocketown on Saturday, February 27. Sounds like it'll be a blast for you guys. Do you know them personally?

MML: We don't know them yet, but hopefully we will after the show! Being from Florida, we know their music very well. That show will be a blast! Our friend Kennedy Nöel will be playing as well!

TFC: Great! We love Kennedy too. What can we expect in the coming year from Monday's Mona Lisa?

MML: We are working on new music to come out early this year, and then shows and shows and shows! Hopefully we're going to see the other side of the USA this year!

TFC: Let's hope for MML's fragile thin blood that it's in the summer time! It's been great catching up with you guys! Let us know if there's anything happening in the near future so we can spread it out there and see how you're doing! 

MML: Definitely! Thank you!!

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