Meadow Ryann

Meadow Ryann performed on the #TYNO Tour during the December 14 stop at New Albany Production House in New Albany, Indiana (just outside Louisville, Kentucky). We caught up with Meadow during the tour to talk about her musical career, as well as the organization she founded which helps raise money for various charities.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hello Meadow! Tell us a little bit about you, when you started playing music and how you got started.

Meadow Ryann (MR): I unexpectedly started playing music, actually! About 5 years ago, I went to a karaoke night at a restaurant and sang for the very first time. I only sang one song ("Don't Stop Believing" by Journey), and after I was finished, several people approached me to tell me how well I did and how much they loved my voice! A local talent scout was watching at that time and invited me to come compete in a singing competition the very next day. Of course, I decided to compete even though I was very unprepared! I did not win but the booking manager for a local restaurant asked if I would like to open for a band playing at his restaurant. I opened for some bands on different occasions at the same restaurant and soon enough, he was booking me as the main act. I decided if I wanted to get more serious and frequent shows, I should learn how to play the guitar. I took guitar lessons for about 11 months and then continued to teach myself. I've been playing, singing, and writing ever since! 

TFC: It's interesting that you bring up Journey. A couple of other TFC artists have had awesome experiences with Jonathan Cain of Journey. How did you get involved with #TYNO Tour and which dates are you playing on the tour? 

MR: I saw a post by 4 Door Theatre on Instagram about the "This Year's Not Over" Winter Tour, and I noticed the December 14th date! I've played at the New Albany Production House a number of times and I knew this would be a great show to play on! I contacted the Production House owner, Richie Ray, and asked if I could open up for the amazing touring bands! I am really excited to be playing with all 3 touring bands at the New Albany Production House!

TFC: We're glad you're on the tour! What instruments do you play and what are your strengths as an artist?

MR: I play a number of instruments! Guitar, piano, ukulele, drums...and I am just starting to learn the violin! I'm definitely the strongest and most fluent on the guitar. I absolutely love playing and learning new music. I feel one of my biggest strengths as an artist is my writing ability. Writing music is one of my favorite aspects of my music. It's such a unique way of expressing myself through more than just words. It really is an indescribable feeling. Once you hear a handful of my original songs, I feel you can really get a good sense of who I really am. 

TFC: We look forward to hearing much more of your music. What bands, albums or artists have inspired you?

MR: Just about every time I play an original or cover song, I am asked what I classify my music as. Country? Pop? Alternative? My music is kind of all over the place. I cover everything from Aerosmith to Taylor Swift, and so many say my original music is similar to Echosmith and Norah Jones mixed with a grungy style of Janis Joplin and Alanis Morissette. I really admire the writing style of Ed Sheeran, The Eagles, Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never, and The Lumineers. I've also really recently been inspired by The Front Bottoms and Front Porch Step. Of course Taylor Swift is a huge influence of mine as well. I really admire her writing abilities. She can make you feel something in almost every one of her songs. She always has such a powerful story in each of her songs, and that is something I really strive for when writing my music. 

TFC: Taylor has inspired a whole generation of upcoming musicians. Who are your band members and how did you meet them?

MR: Well, being an acoustic artist, it is just my guitar and I :) Although, if I can get a special guest to play at least one song with me, I try to make that happen at every show! It just adds a little something to my show, I think! Ashley Ledrick is a really good friend of mine and we always perform at least one song together whenever we are on the same show or are supporting each other at one of our shows! Also, Bryce Alford and I have now started writing some tunes together and we play them out whenever we have the chance! We always have a really good time jamming on stage together! 

TFC: How long have you been working as an artist and what is your most memorable experience performing?

MR: I've been working as an artist going on 5 years now! I would have to say one of my most memorable moments was performing at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! I have my own organization called Music with a Meaning (MWAM), and through MWAM I organize music events to raise money for various charities (Toys for Tots, A.S.A.P., Robfest, Relay for Life), and families who have faced difficult times and need financial well as speak at schools, community events, and boys and girls homes about the importance of believing in yourself and following your dreams. Through MWAM, I was able to sing and play on the Walt Disney World stage and share my message of self confidence through music! 

TFC: Wow! That's incredibly impressive. What are your long-term musical career goals?

MR: Ultimately, I want to continue playing, singing, and writing music! I would love to perform for huge crowds at Madison Square Garden and share my music with the whole world, so that is what I am working towards now! I believe as long as I continue doing what I love and others find joy in that as well, I am a successful musician and artist. Along with writing and performing, I would love to go to college for audio engineering and one day open my very own recording studio! 

"Austin, the lead singer of MML, just recently commented on an Instagram post of mine expressing how excited he was to finally see me play after all these years, and I thought that was really cool! Music just forms such a strong bond between people that after only one time of meeting, you feel like you've known someone forever".

TFC: Do you know the bands on the #TYNO Tour personally, or have you ever shared the stage with any of them before?

MR: When 4 Door Theatre played at the New Albany Production house a couple of months back, we played some songs acoustically together after the show! It was a ton of fun and I was so excited when I heard they were coming to New Albany again! I was even more excited when I found out Monday's Mona Lisa was going to be playing on the same tour! I met Monday's Mona Lisa (MML) a couple years ago when I was in Florida! My grandma lives in Florida so I travel there to visit and perform quite often! About 2 years ago, I saw MML play a couple of songs just for fun at a little coffee shop! I introduced myself and told them about my music! I think it is awesome how we are all coming together to play music now! Austin, the lead singer of MML, just recently commented on an Instagram post of mine expressing how excited he was to finally see me play after all these years, and I thought that was really cool! Music just forms such a strong bond between people that after only one time of meeting, you feel like you've known someone forever. Music is just awesome that way, and I am super excited for this show! 

TFC: We love Austin and the rest of the MML boys! What has been your most exciting or interesting show to date?

MR: Disney was definitely very exciting!! But I would have to say some of the best shows happen at New Albany Production House! Not too long ago, I performed at the Production House with a band from Cleveland, Ohio, The Promise Hero! Bobby, the lead singer, was really talented and we actually were able to work out a duet! We got the whole crowd involved with clapping and singing, it was just a really fun time! During the same show, I handed out tiny shakers, maracas, and tambourines and the whole crowd went crazy! It was one of the most high-energy and exciting shows!

TFC: Sounds like that was fun! Anything else interesting about you that you want the fans to know?

MR: I am currently working on a new album now, which is really exciting for me! If you listen closely to the songs, you'll really be able to hear the connection and figure out the whole story! It's a really wonderful feeling for me to share my story openly through music and my original songs! I can't wait to share the album with everyone! 

TFC: We'll keep an ear out for it. Thanks for hanging with us!

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