Ava Boney

We caught up with alternative/pop artist Ava Boney prior to her appearance at Rocketown on #TYNO Tour on December 15. Ava filled us in with all the details of herself and her music.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Tell us a little bit about you, when you started playing music and how you got started?

Ava Boney (AB): I got started performing when I was about 3 years old. I would dance on the kitchen table in my huggies singing along to Britney Spears, and that’s when it all began! In all seriousness, I’ve been taking voice lessons since I was about 9...so 5, almost 6 years ago, I really started investing in my career. I performed in musicals all throughout elementary, middle, and up...until about 9th grade in high school, but I realized that theatre was most definitely not my forte or my passion, so I began to focus on what I really loved instead: music and vocal performance. And I have absolutely no regrets. 

TFC: That's very interesting. How did you get invited to the #TYNO Tour and which dates are you playing on the tour?

AB: I got invited to join the #TYNO Tour by the guys of 4 Door Theatre and I’ll be playing on December 15 at Rocketown in Nashville. 

TFC: We're glad you're on the tour! What instruments do you play and what are your strengths as an artist?

AB: Right now I play piano, but I really want to learn guitar as well. I think my strengths as an artist are writing lyrics and my sound. 

TFC: Tell us a little bit about your music...what bands, artists or albums have inspired you?

AB: Some of my favorite artists/bands of all time are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Elle King, Whitney Houston, Lisa Fischer, and Adele. Some people think it’s a super weird mix of names, but somehow I feel like I carry a little bit of every one of theme with me in my music. 

I just remember thinking "okay, well if you mess up, not only a music legend, but about two thousand other people will witness it!”

TFC: It's quite an eclectic mix, and that probably brings a complexity and uniqueness to your own art. How long have you been working as an artist and what is your most memorable experience performing?

AB: I’ve been singing in a “formal” setting since I was about 9. So I guess you could say I’ve been working as an artist for about 5, going on 6, years. I think my most memorable experience performing…now I’m not sure if this counts…but I’ll give it a shot. This fall I went into the studio with Jonathan Cain, the keyboard player for Journey, the genius who wrote “Don’t Stop Believin’”, and it was my first time in a studio, so I was already pretty nervous. I went in the booth to lay down vocals for the first track and literally on the first take, I look up and none other than Jonathan Cain has his phone up to the glass window live streaming the session. I just remember thinking “okay, well if you mess up, not only a music legend, but about two thousand other people will witness it!” It was the most amazing feeling of excitement, honor, and fear I’ve ever experienced. 

TFC: That definitely counts! What a cool story. Jonathan is great. He took some time to speak to Austin Forcier from Monday's Mona Lisa on the phone recently and offered some career advise and told Austin, "don't stop believin'". Maybe we should invite him to the Nashville date of #TYNO Tour! He already knows some of acts! So tell us...what are your long-term musical goals?

AB: My long term musical career goal is honestly to be able to have a long term musical career. One of my favorite singers, Lisa Fischer, once said, “I don’t want to be famous, I just want to sing”, and that has really stuck with me. So even if I’m not walking down red carpets every other night, I would be so happy just being able to perform for a living. 

TFC: That's sounds like some really good and genuine advise from Lisa. Do you know the bands on the #TYNO Tour personally, or have you ever shared the stage with them before?

AB: Kind of both! I actually met 4 Door Theatre through this concert we played over the summer called Rally Rumble, to benefit childhood cancer research, and since then they’ve been like brothers to me. 

TFC: We love 4 Door Theatre (4DT). What has been your most exciting or interesting show to date?

AB: I think the most interesting show I’ve performed to date would have to have been one that Bipul and Travis from 4DT backed me up on. It was called the “Franklin Porch Jam”. The Porch Jam was a way to bring CMA Fest to Downtown Franklin. The audience was super fun and interactive, so we had a great time. Also, Travis and Bipul are absolute goofballs, so being able to share the stage with them was a blast in itself. The guys were so great to work with and are such talented musicians. So it was such an awesome experience to not only share the stage with friends, but also people with so much talent. 

TFC: Anything else interesting about you that you want the fans to know?

AB: This is a shameless plug but I actually just released my first single, “Wicked”, last month! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, and just about anywhere you can buy music. So you have pretty much no excuse not to check it out! But really, I’d appreciate it if everyone gave it a listen.

TFC: We will definitely check it out!

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