Minnesota-based rock band BlurCurve met up with us during #TYNO Tour and shared some facts with us about the group. BlurCurve performs at The Garage in Minneapolis on December 12.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Tell us a little bit about your band and how you met.

BlurCurve (BC): The wonders of geography, post-secondary education and Craigslist drew us together over the span of the past 10 years or so. We started out as a three-piece, and Bob (bass) and Justin (drums) deemed Kris (guitar) should focus more on sweet guitar riffs than singing. Which brought us to Ariel through the magic of the internet!

TFC: Who are the band members and what do they do in the band?

BC: Ariel Rose: Vocals; Kris Heuer: Guitar/Vocals; Bob Furniss: Bass/Vocals; Justin Westplate: Drums.

TFC: What date are you playing on the #TYNO Tour and how did you become involved with the tour?

BC: Saturday December 12 at The Garage in Burnsville, MN. We became involved with the tour through The Garage, as we had played there in the past, and the date was available to us

TFC: Tell us a little bit about your music...what bands, artists or albums have inspired you?

BC: Hard rock with some grunge/punk/hardcore leanings. Ariel (vocals) and Justin (drums) would say Type O Negative. Kris (guitar) would say Soundgarden. Bob would say Metallica. So, collectively somewhere in between all of that.

TFC: That's an interesting range of influences. How long have you been together and what is your most memorable experience as a band?

BC: BlurCurve first formed as a three-piece a couple years ago, but then took a short hiatus until 2014 when we started playing together again, and added Ariel to the band. So far, our most memorable event was releasing our self-titled album exactly one year after beginning to play shows once again.

TFC: What are your long-term musical career goals?

BC: It would be fun for all of us to not have to work our day jobs any more.

TFC: Hoping that comes quickly! Do you know the bands on the #TYNO Tour personally, or have you ever shared the stage with them before?

BC: We've never shared the stage with any of the #TYNO touring bands, but we're excited to be playing with them.

TFC: What has been your most exciting or interesting show to date?

BC: Closing out the 93X Rising Rockers II battle this past March. Always fun to play for a packed house.

TFC: Anything else interesting about you that you want the fans to know?

BC: We don't agree on anything, but BlurCurve music.We will probably never do a cover song because we can't come even remotely close to an agreement on what would make a good one.

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