The Roads Below

Phil Evans from The Roads Below visited with us prior to the band's Nashville performance on #TYNO Tour. Phil shared details about the band, their music and a few other things with the fans!

The Fan Connection (TFC): Tell us a little bit about your band and how you met.

The Roads Below (TRB): The Roads Below was formed by singer/songwriter Phil Evans, a native of Arkansas, and Los Angeles-based guitarist Max Martilik. The band combines a dynamic arrangement of hard-hitting melodies, with a twist of homegrown southern country edge. Phil met Max in the summer of 2014 at an audition for a band in Hollywood. The two quickly hit it off and moved to Music City, where they linked up with steel guitarist Tony Aichele to complete a newly written catalogue of songs that Evans had been working on.

TFC: Who are the band members and what do they do in the band?

TRB: Phil Evans: Vocals/Guitar; Max Martilik: Lead Guitar; Tony Aichele:Lap steel, banjo, guitar

TFC: What date are you playing on the #TYNO Tour and how did you become involved with the tour?

TRB: We are playing #TYNO Tour on December 15 at Rocketown in Nashville, TN at 6pm! Phil used to sing in the band School Boy Humor and spent a lot of time on the road, where he met Garrett from 4 Door Theatre. When his new band The Roads Below moved to Nashville, Phil linked up with Garrett and was invited to play the Nashville date of the tour.

TFC: Tell us a little bit about your music...what bands, artists or albums have inspired you?

TRB: The music is country pop/rock. We all came from rock backgrounds, and you can tell this from the songs. It's definitely our own brand of country/pop. The group is inspired by artists like Hunter Hayes, The Cadillac Three, Keith Urban Zac Brown Band. Individually we're inspired by many bands. Phil is a giant Third Eye Blind fan. Max stays loyal to Motley Crue and The Rolling Stones. Tony loves John Mayer and Andy McKee. Very wide variety of musical influences bouncing around on our team.

TFC: That's awesome. We're huge country fans here at TFC! How long have you been together and what is your most memorable experience as a band?

TRB: We've been a band for a year. Our most memorable experience as a band was probably three months ago when signing our management/development deal with Richard & Stefanie Reines (who managed Hellogoodbye, Senses Fail, New Found Glory, etc., and who own Drive-Thru Records). This is their first venture into country music, and we were thrilled that they chose us. Great team, great people!

TFC: Best of luck to all of you in this venture! What are your long-term musical career goals?

TRB: We want to evolve as musicians and stay honest with our fanbase. We want to write records that you can always play start to finish without skipping one track. We want to keep our dreams alive and connect with people. That's what music is all about: connection and making you feel something. I can promise you both of those from this band always.

TFC: Do you know the bands on the #TYNO Tour personally, or have you ever shared the stage with them before?

TRB: The only band we've met from the #TYNO Tour is 4 Door Theatre. We really look forward to meeting and hanging with everyone else!

"Cache in Little Rock, AR. Two words: wild night."

TFC: It's been a fun time on this tour, and the Nashville date that you guys are playing is the closing show of the it should be a blast! What has been your most exciting or interesting show to date?

TRB: Cache in Little Rock, AR. Two words: wild night.

TFC: Anything else interesting about you that you want the fans to know?

TRB: WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET ALL OF YOU! CHECK US OUT on our social media (links on The Roads Below TFC profile page)!

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