Alec Chambers

Pop/rock artist Alec Chambers will be appearing as a supporting act on the #TYNO Tour on December 1 in Hamden, CT. Alec took some time with us to share a little bit about himself and his music.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Alec! Tell us a little bit about you, when you started playing music and how you got started?

Alec Chambers: I am a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Shelton, CT. I first picked up the guitar when I was about 12 years old, although drums were really my first instrument. My dad had been a musician his whole life. He was the one who got me playing. After learning from him, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. A YouTube video of now one of my favorite bands called McFly performing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" also made me want to pursue music full time. McFly are one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations.

TFC: What instruments do you play and what are your strengths as an artist? 

Alec: I play piano, guitar, drums, bass, and I sing. Not only can I play each instrument as well as the other, but I can also write decent songs, and feel like I have a very high energy live show. I write from the heart.

TFC: We love discovering all the talent that's out there. It sounds like you've worked really hard on your craft. Tell us a little bit about your music...what bands, artists or albums have inspired you?

Alec: My music is generally pop/rock. That is a very vast genre, but it's pop/rock with acoustic elements drawn into it. My two favorite bands of all time are two groups from the UK called McFly and Busted. I also love The Beatles. I love Paul McCartney.

TFC: Our staff member Lynne is a huge Beatles fan as well. How long have you been working as an artist and what is your most memorable experience performing?

Alec: I have been working as an artist for a little over 6 years now. I say I have been playing music since I was 8, but I genuinely started writing and recording and pursuing this as a career since I was 14. My most memorable moment has been opening for Sum 41 at The Great Hall at Union Station in Hartford, CT when I was 17 years old.

TFC: What are your long-term musical career goals?

Alec: My long-term musical career goals would be to have number one songs, to tour nationally, and to create a platform with my music that I could really reach people on. To create a life-long lasting career.

TFC: Do you know the bands on the #TYNO Tour personally, or have you ever shared the stage with them before?

Alec: I do not know any of the bands, although I am looking forward to hanging with them and performing.

TFC: What has been your most exciting or interesting show to date?

Alec: I think I answered this question earlier! I love playing in New York City. There’s nothing like it. I was played outside of a burrito restaurant in Montauk, NY in the rain. That was fun (miserable)!

TFC: I'm sure it was! Anything else interesting about you that you want the fans to know?

Alec: I’m excited to play this show as part of the #TYNO Tour! I can’t wait to meet all of you.

TFC: We, the fans and the other bands can't wait to meet you too. Thanks for being a part of this tour!

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