Monday's Mona Lisa

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! Tell us a little about Monday's Mona Lisa! How'd you meet each other, when did the band form, etc.?

Monday's Mona Lisa (MML): Well Austin and Dustin are brothers, and we started playing together early on in high school. About a year later we found Wyatt through an ad on Craigslist. After a couple more years of playing as MML, we met Mark at a show and the rest is history :)

TFC: Your song "Katy Perry", along with the music video, is definitely entertaining! What inspired that and how does your drummer feel about cross-dressing on film? 

MML: We are all huge Katy Perry fans. Mark even has lyrics to "Teenage Dream" tattooed on his arm! Wyatt basically got voted into being Katy Perry for the video, and it's ironic since he's the manliest of the band!

TFC: Wyatt's manly. Got it. 

TFC: Who writes the songs, or is it a group effort? 

MML: Austin wrote the first EP, "Who I Want To Be" (which is available as a free download) alone and does the majority of the writing, but we've been collaborating on new material recently and are excited to write the next EP/album more as a unit!

TFC: Do you notice a specific favorite among fans when playing live? 

MML: "Katy Perry" obviously since it was our single, but we've noticed great reactions to "What's He Got on Me" and "Demon" as well!

TFC: You're set to go out on your first tour, the "This Year's Not Over" (#TYNO) Tour, as special guests for An Honest Year and 4 Door Theatre. Are you excited about that? 

MML: Heck yeah! Both acts are just amazing, energetic performers, and being able to share the stage with such talented, heavy-hitting bands is an honor!

TFC: We can't wait to see updates from all of you! Touring is pricey and never promises a guarantee on profit, especially when it's your first go-around. What steps have you taken as a band to try to make it as successful as possible?

MML: Well, we are fortunate enough to have amazing fans, many of which donated to our tour fund to help make this an easier trip! (You guys know who you are...we love you!). We also had several local businesses from our home town give us donations as well, and couldn't be more thankful!

TFC: You'll be heading to a lot of different venue's on the upcoming tour. Anywhere you're particularly excited about?

MML: We're stoked to go to New York! Mark is the only band member who's been there so far. He's actually from NY. We're also excited to hang with our street team captain Abby in Pittsburgh!

TFC: Supportive fans are amazing. 

TFC: Ok, here's the fan favorites:

Who drives the van? We're lucky enough to have a team member who drives for us most of the time so we can sleep! 

Who sleeps the most? Austin and Wyatt. Austin is almost never awake in the van. He can literally sleep from Florida to Georgia without waking up even to use the bathroom.

TFC: We're thinking Austin doesn't drink enough fluids. 

Who's the resident hippy (if there is one)? This would be Dustin! He almost always refuses to eat anything that isn't organic or raw and natural.

TFC: NO dollar menu for that!

Who's the most organized? This is a hard question. Dustin is probably the most organized off the road, but when we're traveling pretty much everyone but Wyatt is the most organized!

Any phobia's in the group? We're all afraid of pretty much everything!

TFC: Especially wasps, according to your latest Justin Bieber "Sorry" cover!

TFC: What's one thing your moms/dads/grandmas always remind you when you hit the road?

MML: Socks! You don't realize how important they are until you don't have any more!

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