4 Door Theatre

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi guys! So to start with, tell us a little about you! How did you meet? 

4 Door Theatre (4DT): We met in high school when we were 15!

TFC: With a little research on you guys, it's easy to see you changed from Who We Are to now "4 Door Theatre". When did you change your name and how did that come about? 

4DT: We changed our name in the fall of 2014 and we just decided that it was best to release the new songs under a new name. Who We Are had pre-existing members and we thought it was only fair to them to release under a new brand.

TFC: Who's the songwriter in the group, or is it a group effort?

4DT: Songs are written together in a group setting. There isn't one song that we all haven't put in our own piece of writing.

TFC: The Fan Connection saw you guys play in Nashville a few months back. Killer show by the way! Your music is super radio-friendly, and we find ourselves rockin out to "Casual" in the car often (oh...and humming the tunes of that and "Alright With You" on replay in our heads!) BUT, inquiring minds want to know, what was the inspiration behind your song "Porcelain Face"

4DT: The inspiration behind the song "Porcelain Face" was brought up from the perspective of being an outcast but being okay with it. The kid with the cardboard face finds someone just as "broken" as him and they both find peace and happiness within that. With the idea that you're never alone in this world. 

TFC: Now, you guys are constantly on the road following tours to build your fanbase. This is a great way to network and spread the word! Any specific situations that you'll never forget from these trips? Good, bad, funny? 

4DT: Actually yes! The perfect mix of the good, bad, and funny would be when we were in New York City. Garrett left his guitar case next to a park bench, and being from Nashville he didn't think anything of it. Well before he knew it, they had a dozen New York City police officers surrounding the guitar case. One of the officers approached Garrett and then he realized he can't leave things like that around park benches in NYC. Long story short...the cops thought it was a bomb. 

TFC: Oh my! That definitely covered the mix of "good, bad, funny"! We all know that touring, even when you're performing, is crazy expensive. How do you guys make it happen when you're following tours to meet fans and introduce them to your music? 

4DT: We sell CDs! We won't go to the next city until our mark has been hit. We will stand out on street corners if the shows aren't going well or we will wait until the shows are over to promote our music.

TFC: Hustle! If we ever see you guys on the corner we will buy at least 5. :-) Which song from your live set do you enjoy playing most and why? 

4DT (Garrett): "Casual" because it's my chance to get away from the guitar and interact with more fans.

4DT (Bipul): "Alright With You" because it's my favorite song off the album.

4DT (Travis): "Starting Fires" because I like the complexity of the drums. I always like a challenge.

TFC: How many different states have you played in so far, and which ones are your favorite?

4DT: This year alone we have played in over 25 states. Our favorite place we've played so far is The Garage in Minneapolis, MN!

TFC: A lot of people are looking forward to the "This Year's Not Over" (#TYNO) Tour. How did you meet the other featured band on the bill and have you ever toured with them before? 

4DT: We met Stephen from An Honest Year outside an All Time Low concert in Philly back in May. Since then we always talked about a tour and we finally made it happen.

TFC: Ok...here come the fan favorites:

Who drives the van? We take shifts driving. So I'd say it's pretty equal.

Who sleeps the most? Bipul sleeps the most. But by choice, haha, he's just a "quick nap" kind of guy. 

Who's the resident hippy (if there is one)? This would be the band-member who doesn't want the $1 menu...EVER. I don't think any of us! Haha!

TFC: (Note to self: No gift baskets with seaweed and chia seeds for 4DT).

Who's the most organized? Most organized would go to Garrett. He's always got a plan.

TFC: Plans are good. Go Garrett.

Any phobia's in the group? Garrett's afraid of heights. We all hate clowns.

TFC: Guys...EVERYONE is afraid of clowns. Literally. Everyone. 

TFC: What's one thing your moms/dads/grandmas always remind you when you hit the road?

4DT: They always remind us to eat healthy! And to not drink too much.

TFC: Still no seaweed and chia?

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