An Honest Year

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Guys! To start with, give us a little background on An Honest Year. How you met, when you got started etc. 

An Honest Year (AHY): Jon and Stephen went to high school together and Jon and Matt are cousins. Matt came to Florida to visit from Philly, met Stephen, and immediately hit it off musically. They started writing songs and recruited Greg on drums and eventually Jordan on bass.

TFC: Serendipity. Any specific songwriting protocol? Who does most of the writing, or is it always a group effort? 

AHY: Our songwriting process is definitely a collaborative effort where everyone submits ideas fairly equally. All of our different musical backgrounds come together to create the unique sound that we're going for.

TFC: Tell us a little about your single "Chin Up Kid" and the inspiration behind that song.

AHY: "Chin Up Kid" is all about growing up and how we're told what we're supposed to do with our lives, but staying true to what makes you happy.

TFC: You just finished up a tour with Best Kept Secret (BKS) in Orlando, Florida. Any highlights from those days on the road you'd like to share? 

AHY: Definitely one of our favorite tours we've done! Already missing it and all of the BKS dudes. One of our favorite stories was at a party in Nashville. Someone brought their dog (and the dog's bed), and as hard as everyone tried to make sure it wouldn't have an accident in the apartment, it peed all over the couch. 

TFC: We were at your Orlando date. I have to say you guys killed it up there. VERY energetic. At the end of the set, from the back of the room, we saw silly string pretty much take over the stage...what exactly happened there? 

AHY: Thank you! End of tour prank courtesy of Best Kept Secret! We got them back with the leftover silly string, fortunately.

TFC: Missed that. Dammit. 

TFC: You guys are obviously on fire, finishing up with Best Kept Secret on 11/21, and heading right back out with 4 Door Theatre and Monday's Mona Lisa on November 29, 2015 for the "This Year's Not Over" (#TYNO) Tour. Do you ever stop? 

AHY: We have pretty advanced firesuits so we literally never stop being on fire. But honestly, this is our first time having two tours back to back so we're really curious to see how it turns out. Luckily we have holidays in between and right after the tours to help with the exhaustion.

TFC: Tell us each which song each one of you likes playing live and why. 

AHY: We all tend to agree on "Chin Up, Kid" or "I Hope This Hurts" as favorite live songs to play. They're really energetic and the message seems to translate well in a live setting. 

TFC: How many states have you played so far together, and which ones are your favorites?

AHY: We've played in about 23 states or so. They all have their own special qualities, but since the first time we played in Iowa, they've been so dedicated and supportive. We'll always have a soft spot for Iowa.

TFC: Ok, here's the fan favorites: 

Who drives the van?: If our manager isn't on the road with us, it's usually Jordan.

Who sleeps the most?: Jordan, which doesn't work out so well since he's always driving.

TFC: Jordan obviously has a better firesuit. 

Who's the resident hippy (if there is one)? This would be the band-member who doesn't want the $1 menu...EVER. Probably Greg. He's so done with the $1 menu. 

Who's the most organized?: Matt or Stephen, but in different ways.

Any phobia's in the group?: Greg doesn't like bees, and Jon is deathly afraid of being tickled. 

TFC: You should run a contest for fans and whoever wins gets to tickle Jon. Or not. That'd be really creepy. 

What's one thing your moms/dads/grandmas always remind you when you hit the road? 

AHY: They always remind us to try to get as much sleep as possible. If only they knew we sleep all night and quite a few hours of the day in the van!

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