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How To Meet The Movers And Shakers

There's one thing about the music industry that stands true no matter how many changes come about year after year. That's networking. It has to be done, it can't take a backseat, and you can't move your career forward without it. 

This is also the one thing that so many new bands are stumped about when it's time for them to start making connections. The key is to start EARLY and START at the bottom, without having the attitude that "This person isn't important, they're just the contact for a venue that's not even busy" or "I won't waste my time with this person because they're just a fan who wants to be around bands all the time".

Stop right there.

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE you meet, could potentially ...

No "I" in Team

Yeah, yeah...we know. You've heard it before. How does it pertain to the music industry? Let's think about that for a minute. How many of you, who've either been in several bands over the years or have seen players come and go, have ever been left sitting there going "What is it going to take to find the right mix here?! We need help!" A LOT of you. 

Our version of the No "I" in "Team phrase has a few different meanings. Yes, obviously you don't want the band leader diva who always gets her way no matter the cost to the entire band. That's a given. However, this IS the music industry, you're GOING to have a diva here and there and even that doesn't mean that you're in a losing battle with no light ...

Anthony Mossburg

We met up with singer/songwriter Anthony Mossburg, who will be releasing his new album "Crazy" in just a couple of weeks, to talk about the album, his life, his TWO very succesful Kickstarter campaigns...and even how he relates to 50 Cent.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Anthony! We're really excited to do this interview with you today. We were listening to your music in the office. You have new fans here at TFC.

Anthony Mossburg: Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to the new songs and chat for a bit. I'll definitely have to stop in next time I'm coming through your neck of the woods!


Are You Ready for Management?

Since we've launched TFC and have been conducting interviews with artists and industry folks alike, we've worked with and talked to quite a few artist managers. Add to that TFC's founders' past and present roles in the music industry. Collectively, we have a pretty long list of experiences with management teams and individuals. 

Most of the time, the artist/manager relationship is a seamless experience. But you must have the right fit. The manager must understand the needs, wants and goals of the artist...and the artist must respect and trust the judgement and (hopefully) experience of their manager. 

So how do you choose the right manager? How do you even know if you're even at the level that you need a manager?

What if you're not an artist...

Ben James

Meet Ben James, the talented teen hip hop artist from New Jersey. Ben talks about the support he's received from his family and the advantage of pursuing a music career while still in high school.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Ben! We're happy to have you on TFC and get to know you a little bit. We appreciate you taking some time with us today.

Ben James: I appreciate you reaching out to conduct this interview.

TFC: Your website is "TheRealBenJames". Tell us, who IS the real Ben James? 

Ben James:...