What do we do for YOU?

Depending on whether you’re an Artist or a Fan (or BOTH like many of us!), you will discover the many ways that The Fan Connection (TFC) will become your new favorite way to “stay connected”. Come hang out with us for a few minutes and see how we are bridging the gap between the one’s who make the music…and the those who keep them making it!

What Do You Get?

Personalized fan clubs for Artists at any level, on-demand merchandise available immediately to your Fans, social media interaction, fun contests with cool prizes, email and phone support for both Artists and Fans, exclusive Artist newsletters and message boards...and much, much more.

How did we know there was something missing in “traditional” fan clubs and fan sites?

Well, the founders of The Fan Connection are both...one of us an artist and one of us a fan! Between us, we knew what was needed AND what was wanted! (And we'd love to hear from YOU...both Artists and Fans...regarding what YOU want and expect from TFC!)

We are Artists and Fans, we are music lovers, we are dedicated to connecting the Artist with the Fan!

Click below to become part of The Fan Connection and to learn more!